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About Whitney Gibbs  (Author)

Whitney Welsh Gibbs was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. Growing up, she developed a profound love for reading, history, and God which informed her taste for literature at a very young age.


Whitney has a Bachelor’s Degree in Military History from the American Military University (Manassas, VA) and a Master’s Degree in Intelligence and Security Studies from the University of Leicester (Leicester, UK).


She currently resides in Burbank, California where she works as a Family Ministries Director at Magnolia Park United Methodist Church.

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Coming Soon : Broken Anchors

Broken Anchors EBook Cover.jpg

Our lives are like boats on the sea. The waves come in strong and fast and throw us this way and that. There are calm days on the the water, too, when you'll want nothing to take you away from the perfect sunlight and soft rustling of the sails in the breeze.

When Mary Anna Bowen's life is thrown into a tempest, she finds that the only way she might find the answers she seeks, is by braving the rolling swells of life and sea and facing the familiar rush of pain and loss in front of her.

Broken Anchors by Whitney Gibbs is now available for pre-order on the Barnes and Noble website and will be available to purchase in paperback, hardcover, and ebook format on Amazon and on the Barnes and Noble on June 16, 2023!

Available Now: Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God

Lucas Taite EBook Cover.jpg

Lucas Taite was just a normal thirteen year old boy... until the day that he wasn't.


When Lucas receives a peculiar invitation to the Grove of Gila, he didn't expect he would be called by God himself to fight a darkness determined to take over the world. It couldn't be true, he wasn't up for the task!


That all changes as a mysterious suit of golden armor falls right from the sky, however, and Lucas, his stepdad Alan, and best friend Liam are hurdled into a globetrodding adventure that changes their lives forever and shows Lucas all that he has inside himself.

The first novel by Whitney Gibbs, Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God is now available on Amazon and on the Barnes and Noble website!

Don't Forget to review the novel!

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