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'Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God' Book Overview

I am so happy to announce that Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God, my first young adult novel, was published last week on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! This young adult fantasy was a two year passion project through which I hope to help young readers find God, and themselves! I am so grateful for the words that the Lord helped me culminate onto the pages of this novel and I sincerely hope that others really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Today, I wanted to give you a small glimpse into the pages of Lucas Taite's world.

Chapter One: Knock Knock

Lucas Taite is restless once again as his mind continues to keep him from sleep. Bored, he creeps out of his bedroom only to find that he is not alone! A disembodied voice booms through his dark house and Lucas, ever the hero, races to find it; slipping across the freshly waxed marble floors in the process. The next morning, Lucas wakes, very much unharmed on the cold marble. Things only become more peculiar, however, when a strange man delivers an envelope, just for him, to his door.

Chapter Two: The Grove of Gila

Things become more strange as Lucas opens the envelope to reveal an invitation to the Grove of Gila, later that day! Together with his stepfather, Alan, Lucas journeys to meet his unknown caller and finds that he has been called by God Himself to lead the fight against a darkness that is taking over the world. Unsure of himself, Lucas leaves the Grove of Gila determined that the "Great I AM" had made a mistake. Little did he know, this was just the start of his journey.


Lucas Taite was just a normal thirteen year old boy... until the day that he wasn't.

When Lucas receives a peculiar invitation to the Grove of Gila, he didn't expect he would be called by God himself to fight a darkness determined to take over the world. It couldn't be true, he wasn't up for the task!

That all changes as a mysterious suit of golden armor falls right from the sky, however, and Lucas, his stepdad Alan, and best friend Liam are hurdled into a globetrodding adventure that changes their lives forever and shows Lucas all that he has inside himself.

Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God is 231 pages long and is geared toward readers 11+.

Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God is available on


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About the Author

Whitney Welsh Gibbs was born in Gilroy, California and raised in Pacific Grove, California, on the California Central Coast. Growing up, Whitney was an avid student and reader who particularly loved to lose herself in fantasy and sci- fi novels. As she grew, she found solace in the pages of books and became paricularly drawn to characters overcoming enormous obstacles in their everyday lives.

Whitney was also drawn to the idea that well-meaning individuals could have a prolific effect on their world. For this reason, Whitney went on to receive her Bachlor of Arts in Military History from the American Military University (Manassas , VA) and her Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies from the University of Leicester (Leicester, UK). Whitney felt that these two disciplines helped to marry her passion of stories and desire to do good. It was not until her final year of graduate school, however, when she changed career paths, that she found herself on the road to becoming an author.

Her final year of graduate school, Whitney began feeling called to ministry and, though she completed her graduate degree and is ever thankful for it, began a new journey to share the Christian faith. It was at this time that Lucas Taite and the Mysterious Armor of God came to fruition as a means to connect with young readers and openly speak about faith in a way that was appealing to everyone (not just those that thought like Whitney). Whitney credits this first novel to her sudden career change and has been ever so grateful for the opportunity to share this work with the world. Whitney currently resides in Burbank, California where she works as a Children's Director and Young Adult Advisor at Magnolia Park United Methodist Church.

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